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Measuring up guide


tiling calculations




Start by measuring the overall size of the wall, height by the width.

So 2500mm x 5000mm = 12.50 square meters or m2


Next the window, height by the width again. So 1000mm x 1500mm = 1.50 m2


Now the door, height by width again. So 1960mm x 760mm = 1.489600 m2.

Round this off as 1.5 m2 to make it easier.


So we've got to take away 1.5 m2 for the window and 1.5 m2  for the door equalling 3 m2.

12.5 Square meters minus 3 square meters = 9.5 m2.


Now we add 10% extra to allow for cuts and waste. 9.5 m2 + 10 % = 10.45 m2.


Total amount of tiles needed is 10.45 m2.


We understand this can be complicated and if you would rather we call out and do this for you just give us a call.









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