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Tiling Tips and General Tile Information

Choosing Tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used because they are functional and durable and in alot of cases cheaper to buy, although natural stone tiles such as Granite, Marble, Slate, and Terracotta are also becoming increasingly more popular domestically, but please be aware with these type of tiles a greater skil and care is needed in preperation and laying.


Be sure when buying your tiles you choose to suit your purpose. For example, some tile is sturdy enough that it can be installed outdoors in just about any climate. Other tile, however, is only strong enough for indoor floors or walls and countertops. So when choosing tile, it’s important to pick the right tile for the job.

Note how the tiles are rated for slip-resistance. Heavily glazed tiles won't work very well in wet areas such as bathrooms, entryways and kitchens, as when wet they the serface becomes slippery and can cause accidents

If the speed of the job is important, remember that larger tiles are quicker to install on average, but do remeber they require the tiling surface to be extremely flat ( not more than 2mm out over 2 mtrs ).


Tiles are very durable – so much that, depending on use, some types may last for the lifetime of the house. While picking something trendy, like glass or metal, might seem stylish at the time, it can also look outdated in a few years. Solid or lightly patterned tiles in neutral colors have a classic look and are easy to decorate around.


High-sheen tiles easily show dust and dull footprints from people and pets.

If you want your room to appear larger than it really is , pick large, light-colored tiles. Smaller, darker tiles make a space seem smaller and more intimate.

Take home some sample tiles so you can get an idea of how they will look in your chosen room. Dry-lay (lay the tiles on the surface without adhesive) to see whether the color and design work with the room's lighting.


You can also test potential tiles to see if they are easy to clean and if they stain at all. Put pencil mark, felt tip, soil etc on the tile and rub it in, see if the tile stains or not. If it does it is probable that it will require sealing.


White and light-colored grouts can be difficult to keep clean. This is especially true on floors. By choosing a darker grout you can save yourself lots of cleaning time.


Visit our measuring up guide if you need assistance when calculating the area for tiling.


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